Green Loose Leaf Tea sampler

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Our samplers are a perfect way to explore the world of green tea.Whether it’s someone’s Birthday or you want to treat yourself you will enjoy this tea collection. Green teas are refreshing,healthy, and clean tasting. They are almost completely non-oxidized and have gentler flavors and a lighter color. Enjoy them alone or flavored, hot or iced. We have the selected the following teas for your enjoyment.

You will receive 2 ounces of each of the teas listed below.

Genmaicha Green Tea- A refreshing blend of a high grade Sencha green tea, toasted brown rice, and puffed rice, producing a more full bodied green tea with slightly toasty undertones. Delicious

Wild Blueberry Green Tea-Who can resist the sweet smell and taste of fresh blueberries? Enjoy them as you sip this healthful blend of organic green tea and blueberries with a touch of fruity, tart hibiscus. Naturally rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine.

Dragon's Well Green Tea-Also known as Lung-Ching, one of the most famous China green teas. Hand processing and pan-frying creates the signature flat shape. Its exquisite chestnutty flavor and delicate aroma are perfect any time of the day as a picker-upper and makes a great iced tea. Low in caffeine.

Cherry Blossom Green Tea- This delightful green tea blend is very aromatic and flavorful. Cherries are practically bursting out of your tea cup as you sip, yet you can still taste the delicate China green tea underneath.