Aloe, Eucalyptus, & Manuka Honey Wellness Tea Tonic

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Wellness Tea Tonic-a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being...

Dive into our oasis of well-being and feel the welcome of a perfect interplay of cooling freshness, gentle sweetness and light spiciness! A natural and multi-faceted creation with large pieces of aloe vera and bright cornflowers, it suggests the visual and flavorful promise of refreshment. Abandon yourself to our desert lily, the Aloe Vera, and its companions: refreshing eucalyptus and peppermint leaves, spicy ginger pieces, sweet fennel and a sprinkling of Manuka honey powder. Enjoy this creation both hot and cold.

Ingredients; fennel, apple pieces, candied aloe vera  (aloe vera, sugar), eucalyptus leaves, peppermint, ginger pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, Manuka honey powder (Manuka honey, maltodextrin), blue cornflower blossoms

Stay tuned as we expand our Wellness Tea Tonic collection.