Ayurvedic Yoga Tea

2.00 Ounces
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Yoga tea is the classic among the Ayurvedic tea varieties. In our blend you will find stinging nettle leaves in addition to the classical, spicy ingredients. This is a vitalizing warm drink on cold days and pleasant at any time. Classical preparation: Boil 0.4 oz "Yoga Tea" in approx. 34 fl. oz. of water for about 30 minutes, filter it and add 8.5 fl. oz. milk. It can be sweetened with honey, if you like. Preparation with black tea: Boil 0. 4 oz "Yoga Tea" in approx. 34 fl. oz. water for about 30 minutes. Add 0.2 oz black tea and let infuse for another 3-5 minutes. Filter and add milk and if you like, sweeten to taste.

 5-10 minutes
203-212 °F
1-2 level tsp./ 6 oz serving

Ingredients; cinnamon pieces, ginger, stinging nettle leaves, cloves, sweet blackberry leaves, cardamom seeds, white pepper.