About Us

White Cloud World Teas is based on a vision that we have- to share our love for tea with our community. With everything moving so fast these days, we believe that there is still a place for the timeless ritual that is tea. The simple delight of relaxing into a moment of mindfulness and reconnecting with what is truly important is what we would like to offer.

Tea is nature’s true gift, that is not only wonderfully delicious but supports a healthy lifestyle as well. We have found that steeping loose leaf tea is the best and most beneficial way to get the maximum flavor, benefits and satisfaction from our teas. Whether you prefer it by the cup or by the pot, on a quiet afternoon or at the office you will find a loose leaf tea that comforts you.

White Cloud World Teas was born in Austin, “steep” in the heart of Texas. We are a vegetarian/vegan owned company and very community minded. We have searched the world’s markets to find our favorite teas and the finest, most flavorful blends. We bring our collective decades of tea experience together to present you the best menu and information available. It is our hope that everyone from the person just discovering the world of fine tea for the first time to the seasoned connoisseur will find our website, products, and level of service well suited for them. We only order ingredients in small batches and use the best packaging to ensure that the tea you order is the freshest, highest quality tea you can buy.

So please, take your time to browse and explore. We are sure that you will find something you will love as much as we do.

Thank you for being part of our tea journey.


Happy Steeping,