Shades of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

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Shades of Earl Grey includes;


  • Earl Grey Black Tea-This classic British tea is full-bodied, very smooth and silky, with just a hint of sweet/floral notes in the background. Made with fine Chinese tea and real oil of bergamot. Delicious.
  • Earl grey Paris Black Tea-Delicious Parisian blend of black and oolong teas, with sweet pomegranate, vanilla, and light touches of bergamot and caramel flavors.
  • London Fog Black Tea-Lavender has a long history of medicinal, culinary and household use. For one, its sweet, floral fragrance is notably soothing, invoking relaxation. Combined with the classic blend of Earl Grey's citrus and a hint of cream this black tea blend is sure to become a quiet time favorite.
  • Earl Grey Coconut Cream Black tea-robust Earl Grey shines with familiar bergamot notes, highlighted by a soft glow of coconut and cream. Rich, bright, and well-rounded, this tea is not to be missed.

Don't be fooled by the name "sampler", these are our full size bags. Each pouch includes 2 ounces of handcrafted, small batch, healthy loose leaf tea. 2 ounces makes approximately 15-20 cups. So that is approximately 60-80 cups of delicious tea.