How To Make Loose Leaf Iced Tea {Plus 10 Flavorful Iced Tea Recipes}

Posted by Heather Hunsaker Haan on 2nd Jul 2018

Cool off this summer with a big pitcher of iced tea! Learn how to make loose leaf iced tea, plus check out 10 flavorful iced tea recipes that will help you survive the summer heat!

Photos and flavorful iced tea recipes featured above are as follows: Cold-Brewed Green Turmeric Iced TeaHibiscus and Redcurrant Iced TeaPeach Rooibos Iced Tea, Earl Grey Tea LemonadeBlueberry & Orange Cold Brew Iced Green TeaHomemade Peach Tea

Sipping on a glass of refreshing iced tea to help beat the summer heat is a southern tradition! Not only is iced tea a great way to cool off, with so many different herbal infused teas and flavored tea blends, iced tea is a tasty and healthier way to quench your thirst. 

Typically, when most people think of making iced tea, they traditionally think of using tea bags. And while you can certainly make wonderful, flavored iced tea using traditional tea bags, there so many more flavors and varieties available in loose leaf tea. For instance, this Root beer Rooibos and this Hill Country Peach Herbal Infusion tea would be wonderful brewed into iced tea. Or, you could brew more traditional green teas or black teas and add fresh fruit, fruit juices, flavoring extracts or fresh herbs to add an extra pop of flavor to your pitcher of iced tea! 

How To Make Loose Leaf Iced Tea:

How to make cold brew loose leaf iced tea:
In a large pitcher combine 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea for every 6 to 8 ounces of cold or room temperature water. Cover and refrigerate. For white or green tea, steep for 6-8 hours and for black or oolong tea, steep for 8 to 12 hours. 

Once tea has steeped for the recommended amount of time, strain the tea into another pitcher, by pouring the tea through a fine mesh sieve.  

Mix in any sweetener or desired flavorings and serve over ice. 

How to make loose leaf iced tea with hot water:

Fill your 18-ounce Loose Leaf Teapot with cold water. Heat water to a rolling boil*.  Add 8-10 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea to a tea infusing basket placed in a pitcher (or add tea leaves directly to a large pitcher). Pour the boiling water over the tea and steep as directed. Steep lighter teas in hot water for 2-4 minutes and darker teas for 5-7 minutes. 

Once tea has steeped, remove infuser or strain the tea into another tea pitcher, by pouring the tea through a fine mesh sieve. Add 2-3 cups cold water and any sweetener or desired flavorings. Let tea cool completely, then serve over ice and enjoy. 

Note: For lighter teas, like green or white tea, avoid boiling the water and heat just to a simmer. 

Now that you know how to make loose leaf iced tea, check out the 10 flavorful iced tea recipes below and cheers to a great summer!

10 Flavorful Iced Tea Recipes:

1. Earl Grey Tea Lemonade {via Culinary Ginger} - featuring earl grey tea

2. Peach Rooibos Iced Tea {via Cadry’s Kitchen} – featuring rooibos tea

3. Cold-Brewed Green Turmeric Iced Tea {via Soup Addict} – featuring gunpowder green tea

4. Blueberry & Orange Cold Brew Iced Green Tea {via Fuss Free Flavours} – featuring green tea

5. Homemade Peach Tea {via Blessed Beyond Crazy} – featuring green tea and black tea  

6. Lemon Berry Iced Tea {via Kitchen Concoctions} – featuring black tea

7. Basil Lime Sparkling Green Tea {via Life Currents Blog} – featuring green tea

8. Refreshing Fruit Tea Recipe {via Heart and Vine} – featuring black tea 

9. Iced Superfood Matcha Tea Latte Recipe {via Delicious Obsessions} – featuring matcha

10. Hibiscus and Redcurrant Iced Tea {via Super Golden Bakes} – featuring hibiscus tea

This article, How To Make Loose Leaf Iced Tea {Plus 10 Flavorful Iced Tea Recipes}, was written by Heather Haan of Kitchen Concoctions. Heather has spent most of her life developing and concocting recipes inspired by the rich southern traditions and flavors she grew up with. She is passionate about food, travel and cooking and enjoys sharing this passion; as well as stories about life in Texas, on her blog Kitchen Concoctions. You can also find Heather online on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest